About Us


What comes to mind when you hear 'Eldorable'? Sounds like 'Adorable' right? - That's exactly how every single product we've created looks and also in turn want you to feel and look after using our straighteners. We found a gap in the market and feel that many people will benefit from a tool that fits into your lifestyle and schedule. We have created this product that's multifunctional and for you to use with absolute ease.




Unleash your inner beauty! We are here to aid in your discovery of self-worth and in the process, have you LOOKING and FEELING Eldorable whilst doing it. 
We just want to everyone to truly believe that they are beautiful. No matter who they are or how old they are. Once we as humans believe in ourselves, plant that seed of self-belief, anything is achievable. 
There are many different; characters, personalities and preferences, we wanted to create a little something for everyone, hence why we have 5 different colours to choose from, Rose gold, Fuschia, Red, White and Black.