What is Eldorable? 

It is a mini cordless rechargeable hair straightener. There are no long cords that get in your way, hassle-free hair styling! 

What are the colour options? 

There are 5 different colours in total; black, white, red, fuschia and mauve pink. 

What’s in the box? 

1x instruction manual, 1x mini cordless rechargeable hair straightener, 1x USB charger cable and 1x carry pouch. 

How long is the charge time? 

2 hours 

Are there various temperature settings? 

Yes, there are three temperature settings; 165, 185 and 205!

Recommendations for hair types? 

Fine hair - 165 

Normal hair - 185 

Thick hair - 205

How can I charge the straightener? 

There are many ways the straightener can be charged; through a USB port on a computer, laptop, in a car, attached to a plug into a wall socket. 

How long will the battery life last? 

40 minutes - more than enough time to achieve any style! 

How will I know the battery life? 

On the front display of the straightener, there are three different battery percentages; 100%, 75% and 50%.